some days.....

some days....
I just have to write differently,

some days....
this place isn't enough,
doesn't express who I am,

some days....
this sensitivity that I feel is too much,
and I wonder if it will ever go away,
or I'll ever be able to handle it,

some days....
it brings me understanding and intuition,
and on other days
it brings pain and I can't find a way to deal with it.
Suddenly swept up in strong reactions and feelings,
it makes me want to hide.

Some days.....
I'm holding on,
hoping that the one thing that will help me cope
will suddenly appear somehow,
from somewhere.

Some days....
this sensitivity can feel oh so strong,
I haven't felt like this for a long time,
and it hurts.

....and I'm here,
somehow making and finishing,
hoping and holding on,
being here
and feeling what I can't hide from.

finding small solaces,
trying to trust in what I'm doing here,
trust in what I'm doing in my life
trust in what I'm making.

This is today,
tomorrow is another day,
I will end this day with bath and bubbles
and an early night.

I hope this evening brings you sweet solace friends.




  1. love your words and the ability to write so well about your feelings...
    you describe so well your fragility and your strength as a human being...
    I'm with you, a big hug, xxx Ale

  2. Oh Heather,some days I feel like that too, trust in yourself my lovely, tomorrow is a whole new story,,,,big hug xx

  3. Hi Heather, do you remember your word CLEAR?? Well it is quite clear to me that you are a survivor of anything life throws at you. Clearly, there is always going to be a tomorrow (time and all that stuff) and clearly some days are going to be soooo much better than others and clearly some days are going to be more challenging than others, but clearly you have the ability and trust in yourself, to survive LIFE!!! And that is all you have to do, survive Life one day at a time! And Treating Yourself (bubble baths and so on) is survivor 101!!! Looking forward to your next post

  4. ~ We all have these days, Heather...
    YOUR verse is beautiful and I think we can all relate to these feelings so beautifully written...~ Take time to dream~ My friend.
    Love Maria x

  5. Keep strong Heather, keep positive, keep believing. Tomorrow is another day and generally a better day.
    Best wishes

  6. Oh Heather I am so sorry you are feeling pain in your heart and your soul...and I do hope you will feel better soon....
    Sending love of the bestest kind winging its way to you...

  7. Dear Heather, that was wonderfully told. You have the gift of writing eloquently how so many of us feel. I remain certain that this sensitivity makes us STRONGER than weaker.

    Good luck with each and every day and hold on to your talent.


  8. Heather,
    It's that same strong sensitivity that will help you cope! You ALREADY have what can help you! Dive deep inside, instead of fighting that wonderful gift of yours, and use it to see the unseeable and to believe the unbelievable. Trust the inner voice that tells you where to go, and which your mission in this life is- it always tells the truth. When you learn to "accept" your being, without fighting it, you won't break anymore, and will become stronger and stronger (and you'll truly SHINE).
    Big hugs,
    Monica xoxo

  9. Sending you lots of positivity, just take it one day at a time, you will get to where you want to be! :) x

  10. Oh! What a heartfelt post ... And I am feeling just like you,just now,for now.
    Hope we both feel stronger soon.

  11. Dear Heather
    I wish warmth and happy times for you around life's corner
    Best wishes

  12. Hello Heather, your words are beautifully written! I also suffer in the same way, sometimes it stops me from doing so much another time it is my strength.
    Wishing you a lovely week ahead, best wishes jackie x

  13. Oh Heather ... so sorry to hear your heart is heavy ... sending you hugs and wishes for bright times ahead ... Bee xx

  14. So beautifully written, and so obviously from the heart too. I hope today brought solace and peace.

    Gillian x

  15. Sending you love and a big virtual hug Heather, you have written such beautiful words which I hope have helped you. Sometimes writing stuff down can be a great comfort and 'verbalises' what is so difficult to say out loud. x

  16. thank you everyone, such lovely words and thoughts, X

  17. Sending you hugs and love Heather....days like this need to be ended with lots of bubbles...Karen xxx

  18. And another hug from me ... a girl can never have too many hugs x

  19. You have a gift for verbalizing what's in your heart. Lovely words and so heartfelt. -- Jan

  20. Beautifully written words, you have a gift. Hopefully they have helped you. Hugs from me too. x