things that are making me happy!

Hello, here is a collection of things which are making me happy and helping me through the month of February!

1.  These magical Febuary snowdrops. How I wish I had the know how and camera to capture these shy beauties more clearly!

2.  I have been reading 'The secret diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 3/4' . This book is hysterical. Given to me by my Mum at christmas 1983, when I was age 13 2/3..... I'm chuckling to myself now about anyone who is doing the maths......, I always do the maths!....... Do you remember this book? Set during the 1980's, Margaret Thatcher is Prime minister, Ronald Regan is President, and its the year of the royal wedding, Charles & Diana. Adrian Mole has to cope with the life and worries of a 13 year old and it has reminded me of a few things I had forgotten and left me laughing out loud at night. My last post was definitely inspired by this book. 

3.  Enjoying the colour and crochet.

4.  My clear hallway. At last. This area was full of boxes of books. I've finally managed to create a home for them here. After decorating my living room, they felt to heavy to put back there. So I have created this mini library in the hall. It's completely full and I may clear more, but I do love my books, each interest and stage of my life is there and at the moment I still want them, but I want to enjoy seeing them and not hide them away in the loft. So I am enjoying this. The trap door to the attic fits perfectly inbetween, don't you just love it when you find something to fit a spot exactly! I keep walking through now just for fun and because I can!

have a good weekend, hope you enjoy some happy things,



  1. ...I don't know that book!!! probably because I was 16 at that time???? ;oD
    xxx Ale

  2. I did the maths - couldn't help myself! Now I feel sooooo old! I had been married ten years and already had 2 small children in 1983! (So I haven't read the book!)
    We turned a spare bedroom into a library in our last house, we had so many books that we couldn't part with! Now we have down-sized to Poppy Cottage....and I have a Kindle! But I still have quite a few boxes of books, as yet not unpacked as I have nowhere to put them!
    Angie x

    1. it does feel nice to have them out, it feels like all the bits of me are together! x

  3. Love your mini library ♥ I haven't read "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole" but it sounds adorable :-)
    Just found your lovely blog. Will stop by again.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Yes, the snowdrops are so beautiful! It is one of the first signs of spring, but here the snow has covered every such sign. I have some flowers in my garden that are similar, but bigger than the snowdrops. You made me longing for the spring, although we are having lovely, cold and sunny days at the moment;)

  5. I can see why these things make you happy! Especially those SHELVES full of your books. It is nice when things come together and everything finds it's place. Karen :) x

  6. Love your crochet, know what you mean about the books a couple of years ago I had to sort out ours, just not enough space! They went to the CS, so not all bad! :) x

  7. I remember that book - loved it! And yes, I did the maths.. I'm just a wee bit older ;-)
    Happy weekend,

  8. Books make me happy too! I remember the joy when I decided to take my books out of the garage! They may be messy at times, but I love having them on hand. Your bookcase looks super- I love to look at books when I visit someone's house! :)
    Oh, and I meant to tell you you took a nice shot of the snowdrops. Remember it's not the camera we use, but the way we look at things that makes a great photograph!

  9. Yes, I read that book too. Love books and still have many of mine boxed away awaiting a bookcase ... you may have just inspired me to get into action!!

  10. Seu blog está lindo!!! Cada vez que eu visito eu me apaixono mais!!!

    Me visite: algodaotaodoce.blogspot.com.br

    Pegue o meu selinho!!! E me siga!

    Com Carinho,


  11. Really nice pictures. Love springflowers. And indeed, it's almost not possible to get rid of a book;)
    Have a good sunday!

  12. Is that flower at the top actually called a "Snow drop"? It's absolutely gorgeous, I love it and I have never seen it before. And Ohhhh to have a mini library! I love books, I believe a person just can't have too many books, I'm quite happy to see books everywhere! Everything looks organized and lovely...

  13. Ahhh Snow drops....the first sign of natures promise of her beauty to come...Just lovely.I also like the colours in your crochet, Heather...With kind thoughts, Maria x

  14. I remember that book, although I'm a few years older than you (yes, I always do the maths too ;)

    I know how you feel about the books! I have been trying to relocate the boxed up books that were in the storeroom that is slowly becoming my studio. The two big landing bookcases (one per landing, Knitso Towers is a tall house) are now both stuffed to the gills and I still have two more boxes left to sort.

    Lovely snowdrops :)

  15. I like your library. We are book hoarders in this house and my "one in, one out" policy is clearing not working! A landing or hall is an excellent place to store some books. Beautiful colours in your crochet, too.

    Gillian x

  16. lovely 'springy-happy' pics...looks like you've been very creative ;0)x

  17. Hey hunnie, just to let you know that I have nominated you for an Award! Please visit my latest blog post for the details http://crivenscottage.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/an-award.html

  18. Snowdrops are truly amazing aren't they?! Your crochet is beautiful - such lovely colours.

  19. Adrian Mole was brilliant, I too read it when I was 13 I think! I can still recall being in my bedroom, curled up and giggling my head off at his tortured 13 3/4 year old boy antics - thank you for reminding me about it, it is just the sort of read I need right now and will be the perfect antidote to The Diving Bell and the Butterfly which I have just finished x

  20. Olá!!! Tudo bem???
    Vim aqui retribuir a sua visita no meu cantinho!!!
    Fico feliz por você me seguir!!!
    Venha sempre!!!>>> Passe lá e pegue um selinho de agradecimento!

    Com carinho e beijinhux, Marie.


  21. Hi Heather
    Love your happy things!! Thanks for visiting my blog, that makes me very happy!! and thank you for your kind comments!! Absolutely love your wooden floors!!
    See you soon

  22. Lovely happy pictures, your snowdrops look beautiful and I love your colourful crochet. xx

  23. Flowers! We've been snowed in, here. I've been at home more than I've been at work, we've had so many blizzards. Today is an unexpected day off, due to an ice storm. I'm ready for some spring flowers!


  24. That looks like a very interesting granny square project! What's it going to be?
    & Oh yes, I do remember Adrian Mole... Time flies! ;-)

  25. Love your bookshelf....I always want to live in a home that has oodles of books...pure joy!
    Happy Valentine's week to you..hope you gather lots of love along the way. xoxo

  26. I better go look for my snowdrops in my garden too, Im sure they are there now. Love your new crochet great colours. Im working with grey, black and white colours right now for my daughter, not my favorite colors...

  27. Hello...yes do love my books too, have far too many, but can't imagine not having them, keep toying with the idea of a kindle, feels like a mortal sin though :)
    Your books sit just perfect there
    I have never read Adrian mole, can't believe that, just read her new one about the women who stays in bed for ayear, really enjoyed that, except for the toilet parts...I'll say no more in case you haven't read it.
    Love the cheery crochet

    Sophie xx

  28. Yes, I love when something fits perfectly. And I'm happy to see your bookcase as full as mine! I'm always so drawn to the colors in your photos and crochet things. Happy colors.

  29. More snow falling here today and poor driving conditions. Spring gardening still happening on my kitchen table. Forgot to photograph the irises and this morning they have passed their prime. Might have to go pick up another pot of them.

    I seem to haul home second hand books all the time. They can flow, in and out of my life, without the attachment of shelling out major cash for new ones. Love your sturdy looking bookshelf, filled to the max!

  30. Each of the above images made me very happy also. Flowers, crochet, daily, a library full of books ... It is all very nice.
    Have a happy valentine's day..

  31. I just read Adrian Mole! I bought it on a whim for kindle as I remember all the hype about it when I was a child but never read it. I'm just about the same age as you then lol. Love the granny square too, great colours.