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This week I have been bitten by the sewing bug. The need to sew and stitch had been coming on for quite some time. I was reading Mollie makes. An interview with Dutch designer Marieke Voorsluijs of Club Geluk, where she shared her top decorating tip, "don't think about it - just make it,"  was enough to topple me into action.

I would make a quilt, not a big and complicated quilt, but a smaller, more random one where I could experiment with what would be my first quilt, and how it all goes together. 

Started the evening before in my craft room, and then moved into a sunny spot in the living room to continue the next day. There I discovered there is nothing nicer than stitching together pretty pieces of vintage sheets, in the sunshine, with the doors open, and the sounds of birdsong wafting in!

First I made panels, very randomly. Mainly by eye and without a cutting mat or rotary cutter, so matching up squares was not really likely!  In my mind I had the idea of french seams. So after stitching and pressing, I turned over my panels and stitched them on top.

I top stitched above the pressed seam. Now in my mind this may be a french seam, but I can't swear on that! It may be that the seams need to be pressed open and stitched on both sides. Or possibly top-stitching isn't necessary at all. 

Anyway, after ensuring my seams weren't likely to come apart ever.


Each panel was then pinned, stitched and ironed together and the new joining seam was top-stitched. Miss trissie worked hard and was companionable. That is until I tried to short cut on filling up the bobbin and a rather rightious jam occured. Technical skills were needed together with a butter knife and a pair tweezers and say no more. Short cuts don't work, mainly.......     

I backed the quilt with a very pretty and soft terry fabric. I'm happy to have found something to use this for, because it really rather lovely. I folded the edges over and under to make the bias binding and you guessed it, top stitched around this, securing it nice and dandy. I won't mention the corners other than to say there is definitely a corner trick I really want to learn! The idea for using the backing material for the bias binding came from the lovely, and colourful, Lisa, of mrsbobobun on her post here. She makes me want to sew.

and sew I did. Here she is, done and dusted. Or should I say stitched and pretty.

Ready to?...... well, I'm not really sure. She measures 80cm x 120cm. Maybe a small throw, or a little something for somewhere. She will find her place.

I discovered that I love my pin cushion brought a few years ago at a craft market. It's big, which makes it nice to use. It can always be found.

I discovered that using a pretty mini quilt, also from a craft market, under miss trissie helps her to slide easily around on the table as we cavort.

I discovered that using my material cutting scissors for cutting up dog chews in the kitchen, wasn't a good idea. And that my Mum's lovely gold, vintage scissors need sharpening. How do I do this?

And just maybe a purchase of a cutting mat and rotary cutter might be considered. 

I also love the perfumey smell of the vintage sheets when they're being ironed. A little strange perhaps but it reminds me of all the towels and sheets in my Mum's linen cupboard! 

and it's been so nice to use my vintage fabric and actually work with it. I think a cushion might be next.

I have been pinning lots of vintage sheet inspiration here. Feel free to have a look. Right now there's a lawn that needs mowing!

Are you trying any new crafts lately?
hope you have a lovely day,



  1. Stitched and pretty she is! Just beautiful! Tania x

  2. Hello lovely Heather, I love what you have done with this beautiful patchwork quilt. I love the combination of all the old vintage fabrics they all compliment each other so well and the bias looks great, thanks for sharing the tips there. As for scissors, eek! I have done the same and then tried to sharpen them with a knife sharpener, DO NOT DO THIS!!!, as they now live on a landfill site somewhere (sniff sniff). You should have a shop that makes keys and has all sorts of nic nacs that will sharpen it for you. I love your pincushion, it is so darling!! Also love your sewing space it looks fab. I look forward to seeing your cushions. Happy weekend xo p.s. rotoray cutter worth the investment!

    1. thank you Hannapat, I will take your advice and find this shop who can sharpen for me! x

  3. What a beautiful patchwork quilt! I would love to try and make one too.

  4. I love your quilt! I dont always measure before I sew and sometimes it all comes out just fine!I love the soft look of that terry backing - looks v cosy!

  5. ~ Reading two posts at once today, Heather! Walking, walking and more walking keeps me 'happy' and in touch with all the beauty all around...The weather plays 'Do- larry' with my moods though! LOVE your pretty quilt, so special Well done you! ~ Happy Friday...Love Maria x

  6. What a lovely quilt , i,m also a vintage sheet "lover"
    i turn them into kids jackets it makes them look so cute.
    and what a fantastic pins, they realy do give inspiration
    greatings from holland

  7. Heather, what a pretty first quilt. I'm so happy for you that you enjoyed the whole process. You will never look back if you invest in a cutting mat and rotary cutter, trust me!!

  8. What can I add??? The fact is that you describe all the quilt process as a simple thing and now I would love to have a try!!!!
    Beautiful quilt Heather!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  9. L O V E L Y.....very yummy, you've done very well there! Aren't they just the BEST things! :) x

  10. And I love, love, love the backing! And the binding...... :) x

  11. It looks great... I also want to make a quilt but I cannot dare...
    Have a wonderful weekend...

  12. It's really lovely. Those vintage fabrics work so well together and I love the idea of using the backing as the binding, that's brilliant. I only ever made one quilt and it came out ok, but full of mistakes. I'd like to make another some time. x

  13. What a lovely way to use those vintage sheets!
    We actually have a man who comes round the village sharpening knives and scissors! He pushes a cart around and calls out 'Any sharpening?' in a sing-song voice! I think I can actually remember that sort of thing happening when I was a child but not since then - until we came to live here!!!
    Angie x

  14. Wow your quilt is gorgeous Heather and very impressive for a first one ... I love it ... as for your scissors ... I sometimes sharpen mine by cutting through layers of tin foil ... not sure if you want to try it with a precious pair but is seems to work well ... Bee xx

  15. Ah Heather you've done such a lovely job there, and kept it so simple and straightforward - well done you! Your lovely sewing machine reminds me of my dear old Mum with her old treadle - and could she make that thing go!
    Your pin cushion is lovely and looks so stable and firm sitting there. Joy x

  16. I really really love your little quilt, it's beautiful.
    M x

  17. your quilt is so nice, I really like it when its simple

  18. Cutting through several layers of foil can sharpen scissors a bit. Love the sheets - just gorgeous x

  19. Hi There,Your quilt is bright,flowery and happy!!!Very nice!!!I think we all should do more and think less - just make it!!!!No Need to think about it for days, as I do sometimes,just make it!!!It will all work out anyway!!!Happy first quilt!!! Hope you have a super crafty and happy weekend!!!

  20. LOVE THIS!! Such gorgeous colors and patterns. And your first quilt?? Get out! A throw like that would be fought over in this household.

  21. This is amazing! Simply beautiful - here's to many more quilts!

  22. I really need the bug to bite me again...I have so much I need (want) to make. I love your quilt.

    Nina x

  23. Your quilt is so pretty!! Love all the pretty vintage materials you used! AND love your sewing machine and pin cushion!! ~Sew cute! :) Have a great day! Hugs, Holly

  24. ps. i'm your newest follower :) :) xo Holly

  25. I am liking your sewing machine very much and your creations from your sewing machine too! My friend swears by a rotary cutter and I think for accuracy they are probably pretty good - I am also more of a 'judge by eye' sort of person.
    Lovely colours
    Best wishes

  26. I love your quilt and the backing fabric is gorgeous!