autumn rose

Each autumn I find myself inspired by the autumn roses.
I love that they are still there,
made even more lovely by their beginnings of faded autumn decay.

I love the name Autumn Rose.
I think if I were to have had a little girl I would have called her Autumn Rose, is that not a lovely name?

But instead I will offer up this name, put it out there if you like, make something new.

Begun in the autumn and inspired in the most poignant way by the roses I catch glimpses of around me,
they make me take a breath,
and want to possess them in a way I cannot.

the need to rip pretty vintage papers, stick pictures and use my new washi tape,
and somehow collage together,
beautiful material and pieces of crochet has been growing for a while.

........and I wonder if I am infact one who journals?
I know I am a collector of pretty things.
and the scribbler of good advice, and I do love to remember a good quote.

so I think this journal will become a place to collect my quotes and scribblings together.
If you could see my wall of post-its, you'd understand.

and now I have a new way of typing these quotes,

........and I'm really rather happy about that. Brother de luxe is very at home here!


My first quote will be this one by Eckhart Tolle, that I keep going back to at the moment,

"some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that a space is being created in your life for something new to emerge" 

I'm really trying to go with that.

Before October is over I must show you this months screen saver picture found on geninne's art blog. Her birds and artwork are lovely and I actually kept her December screen picture up for months. I think the same may happen with this one too. Another pink glow in my life!

Hope the autumn is going well for you,



  1. A lovely, thoughtful, autumnal post, Heather. I love your collage & journal - just perfect for keeping quotes and memories.
    Hope you've enjoyed some sunshine in your part of the country today, it's been beautiful here.

  2. Simply beautiful. The photos, the prose, a joy to read and see! Chrissie x

  3. Dearest Heather
    What a beautiful post. I adore the idea of a little girl being called Autumn Rose, so pretty just like your collage and crochet. I too like to keep inspirational quotes nearby to lift me up in troubled days, thank you for this one x take care xox Penny

  4. Autumn Rose is a perfectly perfect name, I agree Heather. I am soooooo jealous of your new typewriter, the colour is yummy. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts today, thank you for sharing them x

  5. Such pretty pictures and a lovely post!! Love your sweet journal! :) Happy sweet day to you! xo Holly

  6. Dear Heather,

    I like the name Autumn Rose very much indeed! My youngest daughter's third Christian name is Rose and I keep it close to my heart. That quote is so true. When I look back on my life I realise in retrospect,, of course, that épisodes which seemed very dark did indeed with time give way to beautiful changes.

    Warmest wishes for a creative autumn to you, dear Heather.


  7. Beautiful, Heather... So much loveliness to see here...
    And thanks for linking to Geninne's Art Blog, a lovely find indeed!
    All the best, xhaafner

  8. Really enjoyed the pictures, your typewriter is gorgeous and will surely type gorgeous things :) xx

  9. Thank you for sharing your lovely and calm thoughts.....I love, too, Autumn Rose as a person name, but it will not match very well with our Italian surname!!!! ;oD
    xxxx Ale

  10. Your photos look great and I like the look of your journal.

  11. I love faded autumn roses too, really beautiful. I love your sketchbook.

  12. A lovely post Heather. I really love the idea of a journal and even though I had one when I was younger, I haven't really managed it in recent years. I think however you have just inspired me to start one again. Such a wonderful quote by Eckhart Tolle and like you I find his words rather inspiring. There is something really beautiful about the Autumn Rose and what a pretty name it would make. xoxo

  13. I have so enjoyed your lovely post Heather - 'Autumn Rose' is such a pretty and meaningful name - I think a rose is 'perfection' in a flower. Your typewriter looks so good sitting there and wonderful that it's usable - especially when you have such as Eckart Tolle from whom to quote; this one really resonates with me. I wish you happy journalling in the weeks and months ahead! Joy xo

  14. I had a friend once, named Autumn Rose. I thought that was a beautiful name, as well. :-)

    I love the journal cover. What a great reminder!

  15. What a lovely thoughtful post Heather ... I love Autumn Rose as a name and you journal couldn't be any prettier ... Bee xx

  16. What a lovely journal....Autumn Roses are one of my favourites too....what joy this time of year brings. xo

  17. Lovely post. Made me feel calm and serene :)

  18. Heather the name "Autumn Rose" is absolutely gorgeous... My daughter is named "Hannah Rose" and I tell her she's my rose flower...
    I love your journal, the paper and the washi tape... so lovely and so feminine.
    I think your journal would still be a journal with bits and pieces and post it notes... even photos or clippings... whatever describes you!
    Stay dry in the up coming storm.
    I hope you have a great Sunday,

  19. Another fan of autumn roses here and I'm loving your journal page :)

    I think all creative bloggers are just journallers by another name.

  20. Oh, such gorgeous photos here! Yes, I love autumn roses, and am always astonished by how long into the autumn they continue to bloom. x

  21. Lovely post. I think I need to jot that quote down somewhere too! Love your journal page.

  22. Love it all... the name, the post, the journal, the photos, the cushion, the typewriter -- simply perfect!

    Beata xox

  23. Beautiful post Heather....such pretty photos.....I love reading your posts, they are so inspiring and beautiful. I can't believe it! My new typewriter arrived this morning and it is the same colour as yours! I can't wait to try it out. I love the idea that I can type letters to my friends the 'old way. I had one similar in my childhood and never knew what happened to it so I feel quite excited that I have one now.......ohhh I will be like Miss Marple tehe I have no blog at the moment as I found that I couldn't commit to it very often. It was twocupboardsinakitchen. I have manged to make up a facebook page though and hopefully will start up the blog again some time........pop over to say hi some time. x :)

  24. Such a pretty post, I really enjoyed it.
    Love Autumn Rose - my youngest, just turned 18, is Caitlin Rose Selina... ;)

  25. I loved crochet cushion. Its really nice..
    love, gamze