the tale of a pink lamp, heavenly sent....

This weekend I took a wander down by the canal. Still feeling jarred and not really quite sure what to do with myself. I needed to head off away from my usual paths.
Driving along I noticed a sign for a jumble sale in a village hall on the way.
Not one to let an opportunity like this slip by,
 and only armed with 60p,
I quickly turned the car around and headed back on my route to find a cash point!
I still had an hour until it started and a dog needing a walk.
So I parked up near the village hall and went for stroll.

The little village of Frampton on severn, feels almost lost in time.
It's reputed to have the longest village green in the UK.
Around the edge of which I've never seen so many original tudor houses in one place.
It's a place somehow a bit cut off geographically, curled around by the River Severn.
I imagine the village pond had seen many dunkings in it's medievil past.
and the villagers may all of been descended from families which have lived here for centuries.....
Actually it felt a bit strange walking around.
Like I might not actually find my way back out!
I grew up reading 'Misty'
a kind of spooky comic for girls.
I think my imagination was in over drive that day......
I found a very old looking apple tree with blood red apples,
just like something out of snow white.
I picked up some windfalls on my side of the wall, discretely,
and hoped no dogs had found their way there too!
It was the most amazing tasting apple,
like something from my childhood,
a distant forgotten appley memory.
I can still remember it now..... 

I didn't rush to the jumble sale, I decided that if there anything for me,
it would still be there waiting.
I couldn't remember being in a jumble sale since my childhood.
I loved them.
I would go with 50p and buy a bag full of clothes.
All kinds of things.
and wear them.

It costs me 20p to get in,
I wasn't sure what to expect.
Inside there were long tables piled several feet high with clothes.
determined ladies armed with laundry bags!!
people on the floor under the tables scrabbling amongst the clothes!
the idea seemed to be that found your place, dug in your heels and riffled through your section.
as fast as possible.
I couldn't believe my eyes.  
I didn't have the emotional stamina for that!
I wandered along the bric a brac aisle instead,
and there it was,
a brand new pink ikea light,
still in it's wrapping
just waiting for me,
for 20p,
divine intervention!
just what I needed to add a colourfull glow
to my living room, 
and I didn't even need to go to the cash point.......! 

so now I'm bathed in a lovely pink glow,
which compliments my navy blue cushions really well.
and this room's cozying up now.

Thank you for all your moral support on my last post.
I can't really blog the details,
but the situation is landing and we've got more support on board,
which is always a good thing.
The teenage years can be tricky,
I remember that myself.
I'm three sessions into my teen 'training' course and it's starting to make sense,
in principle!
There's always the chance that a new direction could lead to good new things.
I'm sure it will.

bye for now


  1. A lovely post, we have an apple tree with rosy red apples, its a very old tree planted in someone else's lifetime. The apples a delicious. I am working at trying to keep life simple, as i get older i try to see the beauty in each new day :) I am painting our floorboards a chalky white colour, crocheting my grandaughter fingerless gloves, i need to start to write a post soon, i have turned 50 since my last post!! Wishing you lots of happy, positive and creative toughts, best wishes jackie x

  2. sorry heather spelling mistake i mean "thoughts" :)

  3. Hope life is softening for you, I've gone through teenage (and early 20's) years with my son and we went through some very tough times the 2 of us. The pink glow is lovely :) xx

  4. Oh now I loved Misty - I still have one of the annuals with a scared faced girl running through some trees on the cover! That lamp was obviously waiting for you and looks like it has found the perfect place in your home x Jane

  5. I really love the pink lamp. My Mum has a similar apple tree in her garden. The apples hang on into November and look like an illustration from a fairy story; small and very, very red, Very best wishes for whatever is troubling you at the moment. x

  6. Lovely post, lovely. You savour every moment of life, and life gifts you with delicious windfalls and pink happiness for pennies! Serendipity rules! Chrissie x

  7. 20p for a lamp - that's brilliant! It adds gorgeous glow to your living room. Your wood burner is so nice, by the way, I'm quite jealous. x

  8. Your new lamp is so pretty Heather, and your cosy corner looks even cosier bathed in soft pink.Such a lovely post, always from the heart! I'm wishing you and your teenager the very best of the best!
    Hugs, Joy xo

  9. your girlish cosy corner is really nice and relaxing!!!!
    hope your "teen moments" are getting less painful...
    xxxxx Ale

  10. Love the pimk lamp. What a bargain....meant to be. Glad you've got more support. Hang on in there. It does get better. Jacqui x

  11. Ooh I love a good rummage! I go to one once a month, and it's just as you describe ...

    Glad things are settling down a bit for you, I could do with a teen training course, although I'm halfway through No 4 teen, you'd think I'd be an expert by now! I know it's a serious thing though, I'm not making a joke of it, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Keep smiling, on and by the way, your home looks gorgeous ...

    Love Claire xxx

  12. I used to go to lots of jumble sales with my mum, I've not been to one for years! Great little find there, please pass on and teenager handling tips....we're just gearing up to it here, it's the strength of their feelings, such rollercoaster rides! Phew! :) x

  13. A lovely pink glow will always make things seem a bit rosier : -) x

  14. Heather,
    I am just so envious of that gorgeous little village! I would love to walk for miles there, of course "Miles" might be pushing it, but I would love to walk around there and would have loved that sale... Your home is simply lovely, I love everything about your fire place, especially all of those awesome books you have lined up and the inspirational wall hanging, the pink light just gives it a bit more of a "something" as well... Relaxing here must be wonderful.
    Hang in there Heather, the teenage years don't last forever, I have 2 grown men now and they are just lovely creatures now! (As you know I have a 17 year old I often want to *)#*)*$#)... but I know that "This too shall pass", you're awesome for taking a class to learn more of teenage ways, it just shows what a great mum you are.
    Much love,

  15. Who needs rose tinted spectacles when you have that perfect pink glow ... great find ... Bee xx

  16. What a great find and all for 20p. I have a little basket that I bought for 6d at a jumble sale when I was about 7 and I still have it and wouldn't part for the world.

  17. Hi Heather, I felt like I was with you on your walk around Frampton on Severn. Thanks for sharing. Yes I remember those jumble sales in the local village hall. Great memories.

  18. Just catching up here Heather :) That is a heavenly lamp, but I'm sorry to read that things have been tough enough that you needed the boost of finding it. I used to love a good rummage at a jumble sale!