vintage sheet stash bundles

Hello, I thought we could do some collective oohing and aahing!
I have been chop chopping away and making pretty fabric pictures. I can't decide which bit I like best. The prettifying and photography or the making. 

colourful vintage sheet fun!
vintage stash bundles at the ready!
There's been a lot of chopping and then more chopping, and now I've finally just added these stash bundles to my shop. There are 15 different retro floral patterns. The squares are 10 x 10 inches in size.

vintage fan!
They are a good size to make a string of colourful bunting for the summer! or perhaps a small child's quilt or cushions. 

lots of colour
They are all washed, pressed and ready to sew.

kiss - heartnote by my little red suitcase
Of course each parcel will have a little dangly heart popped in it too.
No parcel would be ready without one!

Thanks for calling by, hope your week goes well.


  1. Very pretty...always make me smile! :) xxx

  2. Love them all, such pretty colours.

  3. Such pretty prints - such pretty pictures! They've brought some joy to this grey day in Canada!

  4. Gorgeous to see them all together set out like that. So pretty. CJ xx

  5. These look fabulous ... I can think of so many fabric project possibilties that would benefit from an injection of this kind of colour

  6. A huge oooh and aaah from me, gorgeous!

  7. Great colours and designs! You're right - a patchwork quilt for a little one's bed would be just perfect.
    S x