52 weeks of happy

hello everyone, just calling in with my 52 weeks of happy!

yes still eating the christmas goodies!
are you?

still very much 'at home'
tree lights on all day!

mega sleeps!

and still enjoying the tree!
isn't it great!!
and much needed walks,

have a good weekend!


A very merry christmas from the common!

At last in all it's glory I present the dog walkers christmas tree! it looks at it's best in the sun as you can see the tinsel sparkling and billowing in the breeze. It has become something of a pilgrimage to come and see this tree at christmas.

There are lots of cards and pictures, some from furry friends departed, and lots of change and dog food in the box below.

I do hope for some sunny skies this christmas, at the moment we seem to have descended under a blanket of fog and rain! I hope it will pass.

On a brighter note than fog and rain, I thought I would show you another elving project;

These boot cuffs were actually quite easy and quick to make, you can find a tutorial here. I imagine they could be fun in all different colours!

Also I was very excited to have a couple of last minute sales in my etsy shop this week. You may have notice a couple of cushions have disappeared. One on it's way to the Netherlands and one in the UK. I am encouraged by this and plan on concentrating next year on filling it up more. It's hard to tell if you are pricing things right or which styles to aim for, but there are a lot of projects to finish off and list.

So I wish you a warm and magical christmas eve as we prepare for santa!
and wish you a very merry christmas! 


yesterday I broke my heart.....

sorry for the dramatic title!

it all started when I went to sleep two nights ago. Several things happened and I realized I just felt broken-hearted. Like I could imagine having a broken heart. I felt it in the night and the next morning when I got up I accidently broke one of the hearts hanging on my fireplace.

I needed to heal my broken heart and I realized that this day (yesterday) I needed to do exactly what was right for me. So apart from making food and walking the dog, I spent the whole day curled up on the couch. A blanket, a furry hot water bottle hugged close and christmas carols playing over and over all day.

maybe the magic of a twinkling christmas tree was needed at last. It's not a real fir tree, it's a real woollies christmas tree and it does surprisingly have it's own christmassy smell!

I spent the whole day away from technology. I tried to watch tv but the chat didn't fit in.
I let the carols wash over me in a way they never have before. I may have read the tv times but honestly didn't get any further than the snowman picture! There was some crochet and looking at books later in the day reminding me who else I am.

I just stayed very quiet and steadied.......

and found some new ground........
it was like being drunk on christmas,
just sinking in the depths of it.

by the evening it was clear that the christmas fairy hadn't just been drinking tea.......


I'm glad the world didn't end yesterday, as some said it would. I have never believed that it would but I do believe we will begin to change the way we look at the world and each other.

I don't think there is any place for blame or accusation in this world anymore. We have all been part of the problem and we will all be part of the solution. There can't be any separation, we all need each other and we are all most definitely in this together! 

So I wish you a happy winter solstice tonight. I hope you can follow your inner compass to a place that feels most right to you and wish for good things to come,


52 weeks of happy

I have no idea which week we are up to, but I thought I would squeeze these happy things in.......

my pom pom tree! I have been very restrained this year but when I saw this garland at bybjor there was hesitation at all!

wrapped presents, ready to send and now sent, phew!

doggy christmas cards! bless,
 can't wait to show you the tree now,

and two new cushions for two special girls and new labels!

hope things are all coming together for you this week,
last first class post tomorrow for christmas!


a give-away winner

I'm sorry I made you wait longer than I intended to. This weekend we had a sudden visit from family which put me all in a flurry! home life has to come first right now! but I'm now happy to have finally pulled a winning name from my hat,

and the winner is Kazzy of country rabbit!

 So please contact me Kazzy so this parcel can begin it's journey to you, hopefully by christmas!
and thank you to everyone who joined in! 


a universal feeling of compassion and sorrow for the families involved in the weekends deeply sad events......

a moment that's almost too difficult to comprehend.


lighting up

as the days grow foggier and frosty
and we approach the winter solstice,
we create our inner world and fill it with light and warmth,

it seems that we just need to keep on adding layer upon layer of light,
so that we will be alright!

first we had candles glowing,

then the fire was lit,

and now we have a string of lights!

haaaaa! that's me breathing out!! we so need these lights. I was waiting for the tree but I can't wait. Lights are needed now. The tree will be next. A little bit closer to the longest night and even shorter days.

fairy lights are making all the difference right now,
another layer added,
I've finally put some pictures up on my bare walls as well,
and you can see my little elving corner there,
so right now this is very much us.

and the next decoration on the dog walkers christmas tree has arrived! 

and just a reminder if anyone reading still hasn't entered my give-away you can do this here. Open until the 14th.

I hope you are finding warmth and light in your winter world today. 


this morning

This morning I awoke to this amazing blue sky.

But I wanted to share that last night I had awoken in the night feeling unusually panicked, about christmas. A few, probably, slightly unfounded worries and the general worry about last posting days and such like.

It wasn't pleasant, heart racing with what ifs and what have yous! it's a shame to feel like this and I don't really know where it came from. Not having mastered a zen like approach to it, possibly my approach is to slightly ignore it, and then when it gets suitably close, freak out about the responsibility of it!

So with a slightly shaken demeanour this morning and not feeling quite hardy enough for the windy common I set out to visit the trees in the park. The blue sky and bright sunshine was just what I needed, soaking up all that vitamin D on my face!

and oh I was definitely seeking strength from this mighty British Oak tree here. Not quite tree hugging! but in much appreciation. This awesome trunk must measure at least 2 metres around, and has weathered many christmases. A truly strong tree!

I wonder how old? ....hundreds of years, maybe even 500 years old.

As I walked the stress began to fall away. Just breathing out in the fresh air and space. I need this so much.

The beautiful light over the pond and the swans. Isn't it magical?

Walking up past the museum in the park. Imagine when it was a stately home with it's own grounds and lake.


Up through the Canadian pines, I love these trees,
.....it all helped.

This evening I wondered through the town, the last half and hour of opening time, so lovely and calm.
I saw the christmas trees lit up inside the church, they even let me bring my dog in! It was a quiet and magical atmosphere inside. I hope I can carry some of this feeling through advent.

What about you,
How are you feeling today? are you okay?


52 weeks of happy

oh these cold and dark December days!

these happy things of mine could equally read, my four survival things!

Oh boy, early nights, tucked up cosy, head on pretty pillows and a good read! not much swinging from the chandeliers going on here!

My advent star in the evenings, casts a pretty glow, adding some magic.

A colour hit from my wool basket, there's lots of elving going on at the moment.

and of course the view above my home town. I go up here almost everyday. It sure is cold. We wrap up and stomp along the top of the common, taking it all in. The wind blows out all the cobwebs! The fir trees have turned spectacular colours. Then it's back home to the warm to make coffee!

I wanted to show you something from the common,

This Hawthorne tree, (picture taken a few weeks ago), will become the local dog walkers christmas tree!

Over the next few weeks it will gradually get decorated with tinsel and baubles and cards and photos of peoples dogs! and a box is left underneath for donations of food and money, which goes to the local dogs home.

It's a sweet idea and it has become quite a landmark!

Yesterday I found the first piece of tinsel. I love the red! I'll show you more as time goes on.

Thank you for a great response to the give-away, if you haven't already entered you have until midnight on the 14th! U.K. time! on this post here.

Have a super cosy and fun weekend!



a give-away!

Hello everybody and a wave to december. I've been putting together a lovely give-away for you today.
You that has provided much friendship, inspiration and creativity, and also some well needed escape and solace!

November was a tricky month here in the little red suitcase house. Much sensitivity abounded, with trying and testing times for all. I'm sure this is also the case for many of you as we juggle all the different aspects of our lives.

I'm trying to be present in my life and create something here. I really have enjoyed all your comments and ideas. I try and reply directly back by email, which is why you won't see many replies on the comments. I am sorry if you are a no-reply blogger, as I won't be able to do that!

So without further ado, I would like to offer all the stars in my bloggy universe the possibilty of winning these my little red suitcase goodies. You will find the lovely 'Granny chic' book by dottie angel and ted and agnes. I managed to get a copy at a really good price and immediately wondered who else I could get a copy for!

I was sad to note that I could't think of any granny chic loving friends where I live, and made a note to myself to find some!! then I realised it would be fun to put it in a give-away. I will also put in some of my vintage stash squares. There are 18 in total, all different colours. They are 10 inches square and will hopefully encourage some happy making projects.

Lastly please choose your favourite heart from below and let me know in the comments.

They are happy to travel wherever they need to. Obviously not the suitcase or my lovely crochet cloth, where would I be without those! and it would be nice if it went to one of my lovely followers, if possible. So please follow if you can, and make sure I can contact you. So leave a comment if you would like to join in and remember to choose a heart. I will pull out the winner from my hat on saturday 15th december.
so good luck!

hope you find some deliciously sunny and crafty moments in your week,

Heather x