Reasons to be cheerful.....

(Warning, this post may contain flowers, crochet, chocolate and suitcases!)

Isn't it wonderful how just putting together a post can be enough to help us see the cheerful things around us? There's something about the process of blogging that enhances life and makes me notice more the good things. And it lifts you up. It becomes a little bit part of who you are. And we need that don't we?

The whole sequence of photographing, editing, and loading photos to flickr, where I can see them altogether, on display, in a colourful group, is very satisfying in it's self. Things change and evolve as I learn more. I like the cheerful reminders pictures bring us.

Okay, so here are my reasons to be cheerful........,

1. Sunlight dancing through beautiful soft, pink blossom in the park. Makes my heart soar after this long cold winter.

2. Blue skies, the promise of a gorgeous sunny day on the top of the common.

3. The wild flowers growing here in April.

4. At home experimenting with pattern and colour, I'm really enjoying my hobby!

5. Wandering around my garden now it's spring. The red tulips are divine, such a gorgeous colour, and the Daffs, well, they're just magic. So many pretty kinds have been planted here.

6. Little glimpses of cabin life as I wander by. Looks like someone has an admirer!

7. A beautiful and unusual Japanese style blossom tree outside the cabin, so pretty.

8. The last Easter egg! Yes, I like white chocolate.......no problem there then :)

9. Another cushion on it's way. I'm always ridiculously thrilled to send a cushion from my etsy shop on it's travels!

10. My new thrifted, blue suitcase. In mint condition for three pounds! Just look at the inside! and it's now become a great storage place for my shop items.

11. Birthday flowers for me. Aren't they heavenly! Simple is best right.

12. Another year older and wiser. Thank goodness for pic monkey editing.....!  I like dusk!

This week looks like it will be a challenging week for us. Several quite important things need thinking about and new decisions will maybe need making in the not to distant future. I'm just trying to keep steady here. Really there are so many good things. When the time is right I think we will be able to embrace them more so, and enter into the spirit of things with more gusto. For now it's just a time of holding this space and moving slowly through the challenges. But life is good and there are so many reasons to be cheerful.

Have a lovely week.     



new clear spaces and a good morning

Yes, it's a lovely morning here today. Sunshine and a gentle breeze blowing some fresh air through the house and some gentle chiming of my wind chimes. The birds are singing and some doves are cooing outside my kitchen window, where a nest has been built in the tree outside. It's almost spring. And when the wind rustles up a bit more, I'll close all the windows and be grateful for this moment of fresh air indoors and wrap my woollens around me again, for we are not really there yet! but almost.

I have been moving furniture around in my house, a favourite occupation of mine. Last week found me in the attic, moving my piles of things around. Well, I tidied piles around the edge, some old toys went, a bit of clutter went. In the middle I made a pile of boxes, the ones I really want to get to. These contain photos and documents, of at least 3 or 4 peoples lives! and as much as I can't face sorting it out, I think that there are some pictures that would be great to have in our lives and enjoy them. And so a huge amount of procrastination is going on around these boxes!

And they are sitting there in my subconsciousness! the other night I dreamt the ceiling in my house, (it's a bungalow) was collapsing, and that someone had put a washing machine up there.

Clearly I want to get into these boxes.

...... and so I moved furniture around the living room instead! This little farmhouse table was hanging out with my craft things. It's a friendly table. Just the right size for this bench. The other table was quite large and imposing and actually nobody really sat there. The bench, don't tell anyone, underneath all the blankets and sheepskin rugs, it's just come straight in from the garden, mildew and all. It's almost falling apart, but when a girl wants a bench, only a bench will do!

I like this new space, it feels much more welcoming and comfortable. My sleeping buddas are there in the background, lugged in my back pack all the way from Thailand, all those years ago are some of my very favourite things. The garden falls away on a slope behind the house, where I live everybodys garden is a slope!

My kitchen window! I stand here a lot.....but it's a nice spot. I'm watching the doves nest building here. I'm feeling quite protective about the whole thing. Worrying about the wind blowing too much, ready to run out and catch any falling nest.

I have de-cluttered my whole kitchen, there is still a fair amount, but a car full has gone and there's a certain amount of air and space around everything. Which really is what I want.

In my mums kitchen all her plants seemed to really flourish, I think she must have whispered sweet nothings to them while she washed up! and so I have lined up my plants and will see if I can encourage them.....I'll show you them again when they're blooming!

thank you for your comments on my last post, so sweet and I enjoyed them so much, it's such wonderful encouragement. Blog on! ....... onwards and upwards, that's what I say!

wishing you a good week,




self-expression and a give-away winner!

I realize on my last post that I may have sounded as though I was fiercely protecting my blog and that I didn't want anybody here! and really I do want people to feel comfortable here and welcome.

and I do want to protect my blog and what happens here, but I was talking about my physic space and what fills it or threatens to over-whelm it on a daily basis.

I don't always go into detail, but I do find it helpful to be able to express how something feels, to be able to take out an emotion and fling it into the mix, it's wonderful. Self-expression feels good and maybe sometimes a little edgy, and for me this is a platform to be able to do that and to feel heard, so thank you.

I find if I can find a way to express what is true and alive in me at that moment, it really frees me up, and helps me to find a way through. It takes me to the core of who I am. I can hear myself through all the daily noise and strong impressions.

This kind of post, does something great for me deep down in my bones! I reach a moment of inspiration and know completely where I'm going with it, I get carried along by it .... and I need to do it! Then I can go happily back to creativity or whatever else is happening. I am very visual and I love all the pretty pictures and creative happenings here.

I'm also inspired by people and their lives, the seekers and searchers, the crafters and artists, the heart and soul blogs. The movers and the great leap takers, the stand up and say it how it is blogs, and the quest for simplicity. It's very inspiring out there.

And lastly Ada Bee. This spring garland is for you! Your lucky number today is the number 4. I am happy to be able to send this to you, so please could you email me your address? Ada from Vintage sheet addict has been one of several faithful readers and commentors on this blog and it would be nice to send out more to others. I will just have to do more give-aways!

have a lovely weekend,




This space belongs to me!
I claim this space, radiating out in all directions,
here and now,
free from the links and knots and ties
that bind us and control us
trying to own this moment, trying to dictate where I put my thoughts, my actions, my words.

Well be quiet damn it,
this is my moment
and you are not me......
and I need to find me first
to connect with myself, my thoughts, my wishes, my needs
this is my one whole life and you cannot have it.

I need to find my mission, 
and where it leads me.
I am sorry I cannot please, and I cannot always be there or respond.
I cannot harbour or store anymore things
or I can't see my life under it all......
and my life is under it all somewhere.

and if I cannot see the resounding truth
and integrity of my connection with every choice I am making,
if I cannot make it flow,
I will have to be prepared to let go of it
because I'm underneath it all somewhere.


spring days and a give-away!

This weekend found me enjoying soft blue skies, a gentle breeze and sunshine. The earth feels like it's beginning to warm itself, the ground feels like it's softening. I walked along with a spring in my step. It's still blimmin freezing mind, but with the six or so different layers I'm wearing and some sunshine, it's really rather nice.

My mud encrusted boots have been exchanged for something soft and spring like, and so I really am springing along now. Feels good. The ground feels softer and more yielding.

On easter sunday I watched kites flying on the common. I think kite flying would make a great easter sunday tradition. If you have a breeze and hill you can't go wrong! That said, some of them were huge and looked like they needed a bit of mastery.....  

At home you can see that the easter hare (old and much loved) has brought chocolate and goodies.

The basket was for my teen, who of course also had a big chocolate egg. I must have done something right as I won myself a spontaneous hug! not bad for someone who's actually not that keen on chocolate! I think he realizes the easter basket is just humouring me. I found it in the attic. It's been washed although a little mouse has been nibbling at the ribbon I think!

Other march delights, cupcakes! Here's the proof I made them, all gone now.


And so we are into April. I starting my blogging journey last April, it's almost been a year now. I have been making spring garlands and I thought it would be nice to have a spring give-away. I wanted to say thank you for following me on my little adventures and creative endeavours! So if you would like a spring garland to decorate with, wherever you are in the world, leave me a message at the end of this post.

Speaking of crochet flowers, have you seen this wonderful Brazilian lady Lidia Luz, who makes the most amazing bright crochet flowers and decorations. Her pictures are full of light and colour, in the most positive way. You can see her pictures here and also here. I love the way she uses real flowers and icons in her work, it does feel as though her mission is to bring love, peace and light through her work. 

I hope April brings you good things. Don't forget to leave a message if you would like to enter the give-away. I'll pick a name out the hat in a week or so.

until then, have a good week